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ULTIMATE Cuervo Girl!

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Miami, FL ● Dallas, TX ● Huntington Beach, CA ● Glendale, AZ ● Hermosa Beach, CA●

Louisville, KY ● Tampa, FL ● Atlanta, GA ● Charleston, SC ● Seaside Heights, NJ ●

Long Beach, CA ● Chicago, IL ● Manhattan Beach, CA ● Boston, MA ● Brooklyn, NY ●

Cincinnati, OH ● Las Vegas, NV

For the best half time show check out the Cuervo Girls! They help to keep the crowd going during breaks and throw out great prizes to the fans that cheer the loudest. The sexy Cuervo Girls strut their stuff in tiny yellow Cuervo Gold color bikinis. Their sexy yellow bikinis and tan bodies are a crowd pleaser.

"The Cuervo Girls" on tour.

AVP Tournament


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